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An Introduction to Cilk™ Plus Reducers

If you are new to Cilk™ Plus, you have probably been impressed by how easy it is to turn a serial program into a parallel program. You’ve also realized, though, that adding cilk_sync or cilk_for to a program doesn’t automatically solve the harder parts of parallel programming: dealing with data races, and coordinating work that is done in parallel.

Windows* 8 Desktop App - Connected Standby


Connected Standby is a new feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8*. The use case on the tablet/mobile systems is similar to that on phones like Instant ON and Always Connected. Intel® dual-core Atom™ Z2760 (code name CloverTrail) is the first Intel platform to support Connected Standby. Interesting applications can be developed for Connected Standby to further showcase the platform capabilities like push email, multiplayer games, etc.

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  • Samples for Intel® C++ Compiler

    Intel® C++ compiler is an industry-leading C/C++ compiler, including optimization features like auto-vectorization and auto-parallelization, OpenMP*, and Intel® Cilk™ Plus multithreading capabilities; plus the highly optimized performance libraries.

    We have created a list of articles with samples explaining the features in detail and how or when to use in the source code. There are:

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  • Windows* 8 Store App - Gradebook Sample App


    The gradebook sample application showcases how to use Portable Class Libraries to demonstrate sharing logic across application platform targets including Windows Desktop and the Windows Store. The app then follows the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern to bind to the data. We use this approach to create classes and objects that can be reused in various client applications.

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  • Introducing the Digital Mementos Sample Application

    Digital Mementos is a sample travel application that uses three Intel® Cloud Services Platform services, namely Intel® Identity Services, Location Based Services, and Context Services, to build true cross-platform, transparent consumer experiences in the form of Windows* 8, Android*, and web client applications. Digital Mementos is a device agnostic, context-aware concept that provides a seamless, integrated user experience by taking advantage of the corresponding features of the devices where the features are running.

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