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Optimization Tools for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript*


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are quickly becoming developers’ languages of choice for cross-product and cross-platform development. Many of the applications destined for app stores are converted HTML, JavaScript, and CSS applications that now run the HTML natively. This situation, new to many application developers, requires new tools and technique to optimize applications for power and performance. This paper discusses how application developers and web developers can optimize for performance and power using some of the optimization tools Intel provides.

  • Microsoft Windows* 8.x
  • HTML5
  • Java*
  • JavaScript*
  • WindowsCodeSample
  • ultrabook
  • Apps
  • css
  • Microsoft Windows* 8 Desktop
  • Optimization
  • Microsoft Windows* 8 Style UI
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    The Scalable Heterogeneous Computing Benchmark Suite (SHOC) for Intel® Xeon Phi™

    The Scalable Heterogeneous Computing Benchmark Suite (SHOC  may be used for measuring performance and stability of Coprocessor based systems. The benchmark has been ported to support Intel® Xeon Phi™ using offload programming constructs implemented in the Intel® Compiler that is available as part of Intel® Composer XE 2013 package.


        很多人都痴迷于游戏,而做为程序开发人员,喜欢自己做游戏的自然也不在少数。但开发一个有点规模的游戏,除了主要的游戏逻辑外,还需要将大量的数据保存下来。现在流行的架构则是将保存数据的模块单独做成一个服务,与前端通过socket进行通迅。用socket流行当然的是完成端口技术了。但完成端口只是实现了一个基本的数据收发包,真正实现起来,还需要定义各种的通迅协议。讲到通迅协议那就要提一下google的protobuf协议了。google protobuf 是google公开的一套用于网络通信时用于协议编解码的工具库,使用它定义的格式,你可以定义协议的字段,由它自带的编译器生成出负责编解码的代码文件(可生成许多不同的语言文件).简单来说,protobuf就是将你要发送的消息内容进行,高效序列化和反序列化的。

        总结一下上面废话的意思就是:游戏后台要使用完成端口+google protobuf 这样才不显得太落后。再加上访问数据库的odbc api接口,这些就组成了window下游戏后台服务的基本技术。当这些技术条件都具备了。那就可以按部就班的写程序了。当然正规开始写之前还需要相关的架构设计文档等,但业余写游戏的话,部分步骤可视情况面定。下面说一下大至的步骤:

    Porting Letter Recognition Gesture Code from iOS to Windows 8 C#

    Consider an educational app that teaches a child how to write letters.  The app may be interactive, allowing the child to swipe screens, pinch/zoom pictures, etc.  Now, what if the app was able to teach handwriting by recognizing if the child drew a particular letter?  I'm going to talk about how a developer can handle this scenario.  The goal here is to assume that iOS* code already exists for this and that it needs to be ported over to Windows 8* using the C# language.  If you are intereste

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