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USB Mass Storage

Mass storage devices are listed under /dev by partition over all mass storage (for example, sda sda1 sda2 sda3).

Mount a partition:

You can mount a partition by:

$ sudo mkdir /media/sda3


Firmware Update on Reset

The platform can be configured to enter a BIOS update (download and execute mode) when UART2_TXD (pin 78 on connector J6) is pulled low—and held low until the de-assertion of PMIC_RESET_N.

Additional requirements for the DnX sequence to function:

  • A USB device female port, for example a micro receptacle on USB2 port 0 or the Type-C port

Trace Layout Guidelines

This section details key layout information for single-ended and differential traces.

Single-Ended Trace Information

If the Minimum Trace column only has one spacing-to-width ratio, both signals have the same space requirements.

The Typical Signal Loss column presents the specific loss of signal for each interface at the 500-MHz level.

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