Product Support

Debug and Troubleshooting

The expansion board provides a single “serial over USB” debug port that is intended to capture boot time flow and provide a command console to the module.

Although an inspection of the schematic shows component locations to support a high-speed UART debug port, high-speed UART functionality is not enabled.

Platform Assembly

This section contains guidance for mechanical assembly of the development platform. As there are a number of thermal solutions and expansion boards available in the market place, not all instructions will be applicable to all configurations.

GStreamer Examples for Images and Video

This section lists Gstreamer commands that can be used to activate a camera by either streaming data from the camera as a viewfinder on a display (or HDMI output) or by sending the data stream to a video encoder for compression and storage as a video file.

Gstreamer offers additional features and commands that may not be enabled nor supported by the development platform hardware or Ref-OS-IoT software image.

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