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Firmware Controls

  • Two firmware controls work in concert to maintain module operation within a set temperature range across the entire range of workloads.
  • The firmware controls are configured in BIOS and function independently of any operating system or software based thermal control loops.

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Serial Terminal Communications

This section contains steps to access the command line interface on the development platform by setting up serial communication. The command line gives you direct access to the development platform to perform essential tasks, like opening firewall ports, connecting to Wi-Fi*, enabling Bluetooth® wireless technology, and more.

Input and Output Interfaces

The Intel® Joule™ module offers a multitude of I/O communication protocols to control signal flow and port out those signals to the macro world. Digital I/O can be directly controlled from the kernel and more easily controlled by the MRAA library. The following communication protocols are available.

Configuration EEPROM

EEPROM Usage Overview

Intel® Joule™ expansion boards have the option to include an EEPROM device that holds an board manufacturing and configuration data.

EEPROM Address and Type

The reference firmware is configured to look for a type M24M02 (or equivalent) EEPROM on I2C bus 0, address 0x50 through 0x53 and 0x58 through 0x5B.

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