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Guide Compilers to Optimize Inner Loops for 64-Bit Intel Architecture


Guide the compiler to perform the proper amount of optimization on an inner loop. One of the quickest ways to find an inner loop in an assembly language listing is to look for sections of code with heavy use of instruction predication, often on almost every functional line. When register rotation is used, predicates control almost all the action. This example has a very small inner loop, but two of its three instructions are predicated:

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  • Проектируем архитектуру параллельного игрового движка

    Типичный игровой движок содержит множество функциональных блоков, таких как физика, рендеринг, искусственный интеллект. В данной статье рассматриваются базовые принципы построения параллельного игрового движка.
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  • What information should I include when reporting an issue with the Intel® Parallel Inspector?

    When discussing an issue in a forum post , please be prepared to provide the following information:

    • If Intel® Parallel Inspector crashes, it should present the following dialog and create a file. Please upload the file to the forum post .

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