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x87 and SSE Floating Point Assists in IA-32: Flush-To-Zero (FTZ) and Denormals-Are-Zero (DAZ)


This document details the difference between how assists are handled with x87 and Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions, and gives information on how to change their behavior when using (Streaming SIMD Extensions) SSE and SSE2.

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  • Counting Physical and Logical 32-bit processors

    One of the consequences of the introduction of the Hyper-Threading technology into the Intel® Xeon® processor, is that systems with Hyper-Threading technology enabled appear to the Windows* operating system to have more physical processors than are actually installed. That is because with this technology, one physical processor will be seen as two logical processors. The term logical is used here to distinguish, for example, between the two logical processors in a system with one CPU and the two CPUs in a dual physical processor.

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  • Краткое руководство по интегрированному графическому адаптеру Intel®

    Этот документ знакомит читателей с соглашениями об именах часто используемых или встречающихся чипсетов и встроенных графических адаптеров от Intel. Мы надеемся, что после прочтения этой статьи читатель сможет различать чипсеты по их именам и соотносить их с платформой или возможностями.

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  • Using Multithreaded Libraries to Maximize Performance for Digital Media Apps

    Using Multithreaded Libraries to Maximize Performance for Digital Media Apps - Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) is an extensive library of multi-core-ready, highly optimized software functions for multimedia data processing, and communications applications, at this second life event, we will discuss the basic concepts of Intel IPP and the benefits of using it in related applications , including for applications running on today's Multi-core platforms.





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  • SOA? ESB? What is all this?

    Lots of nice articles have been published on the net on both Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Server Bus (ESB). This topic is being discussed quite heavily for last few years but started gaining weight as ESBs started getting more and more matured. To start this series, I am planning to put together information which I found to be very useful when I started working on this project. Some of this information has come from other blogs, company websites (JBOSS, IBM, Cape Clear, BEA, Microsoft etc.).

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  • Intel Mash Maker: The Basic Interface

     Table of Contents

    The Basic Interface

    There are several levels at which one can use Intel Mash Maker. We anticipate that the majority of Mash Maker users will use only the basic user interface features described in this document.

    The basic user interface provides enough features to allow a user to apply mashups to the pages they browse. The user will need to use more advanced features if they want to create new mashups or teach Mash Maker about the semantics of a page.

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  • 借助 OpenMP* 实现更多工作共享



    作者:Richard Gerber

    正如您所知,OpenMP* 包含一组非常强大的编译制导语句,能够帮助实现循环的并行化。但是您可能还不知道,OpenMP 的线程化功能不仅仅局限于循环。一旦“parallel for”结构出现故障,OpenMP 便可发出其它制导语句、结构和函数调用来进行救援。

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