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Introduction to Node.Js

So we have been hearing a lot about node.js and its popular among web developers and IOT specialist but what exactly it is and why is it widely used as primary language for development. Let go through this article to understand it.

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  • Live Webinar: Boost Python* Performance with Intel® Math Kernel Library

    Python* is a popular open-source scripting language known for its easy-to-learn syntax and active developer community. Performance, however, remains a key drawback due to Python being an interpreted language and the implementation of the GIL lock.

    This joint webinar with Continuum Analytics explores tools and techniques to boost the performance of your Python applications, that can be easily accessed by all Python developers and users.

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  • Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC Simplifies Adding Real-Time Communication to Your Applications

    Web-based real-time communication (WebRTC) is an open standard proposed that allows browser-to-browser applications to support voice calling, video chat, and peer-to-peer (P2P) data transmission. Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC is a highly optimized end-to-end solution for Intel® platforms.
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  • Unleash Parallel Performance of Python* Programs

    In the Beta release of Intel® Distribution for Python* I am proud to introduce something new and unusual for the Python world. It is an experimental module which unlocks additional performance for multi-threaded Python programs by enabling threading composability between two or more thread-enabled libraries.

    Есть идея: защита данных на Android с помощью eCryptfs

    The threat to data on mobile devices is a serious issue. Android O/S and application developers work to ensure the security of the user’s data before release. This article describes how tp implement security for sensitive data using eCryptfs.
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  • Тест Icy Rocks для Android: пришло время реальных испытаний

    There are few real-world workloads available for Android platform benchmarking, resulting in use of unrealistic or trivial workloads to drive comparisons between devices and strongly influence what devices end up in the public’s hands. This article describes the Icy Rocks Workload, an animation workload developed and open-sourced by Intel that mimics real-world game applications on the Android platform.
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