Using Feature Detection to Write Cross-Platform HTML5 Packaged Web Apps

One of the promises of HTML5 is to enable cross-platform apps; meaning that you can write one app that runs on multiple platforms (using a single source code base). This is the ideal for HTML5 apps; the reality is that HTML5 web apps are mostly cross-platform and sometimes require conditional code to deal with platform-specific quirks and differences.

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  • Connecting the Intel® Edison board to your Android* Phone with Serial Port Profile (SPP)


    • An Android* phone or tablet running Android and has Bluetooth.

    • Connect your Intel® Edison board to a Wi-Fi* network, see Step 3: Get your Board Online.

    • SCP using a host computer connected to the same network

    • Establish a terminal to your board either Via Serial port or SSH.

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  • Creating a Yocto image for the Intel® Galileo board using split layers

    This is a guide for building images from source for the Intel® Galileo board, part of the Intel® IoT Developer Kit. First, you need to get the various layers we used to compile an image. You'll need to have a fairly large amount of disk space (~20GB) and be running a modern 64-bit version of the Linux* OS. We've tried it on Debian 7 and openSUSE 12 and expect others will work as well.

    The images are based on the 'daisy' branch of poky:
    $ git clone --branch dizzy git://git.yoctoproject.org/poky iotdk
    $ cd iotdk

    如何借助多 APK 支持在面向 x86 安卓设备的 Google Play 上发布应用

    Google Play has  新增面向 x86 CPU 架构的多 APK 支持。该  特性支持您针对定位于 x86 CPU 架构的应用发布不同的 APK。APK 是一套完整且独立的应用版本,它使用与 Google Play 上相同的应用列表,而且必须使用相同的软件包名称并使用相同的 release key 进行签名。当您的应用无法通过一个 APK 覆盖所有目标设备时,例如使用 Androind NDK 开发的应用,该特性将十分有用。您可以访问  Google 多 APK 支持页面(安卓开发人员站点),了解完整信息。

    下面的会话专门针对希望对应用进行打包以便支持安卓 x86 设备的安卓开发人员而创建:

    创建多 APK

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