Using Edison: Securely connect IoT Sensor to the Internet with MQTT

In previous blog posts [1], [2], we’ve built the Mosquitto MQTT broker on the Intel® Edison module and created a sensor node for sensing motion, temperature, and light level. In this article, we will connect those sensors and actuators to the Mosquitto MQTT server we’ve built to turn those sensors into true IoT sensors.

Hackathon Style JavaScript* - Fundamentals

This quick intro will provide a crash course to the very basics of JavaScript.  Note: the style here is quick and dirty, designed to get a quick prototype working a.k.a. ‘hack it together’ – hackathon style.  There are almost always many ways to do something, or many subsets of things that can be explored, but this is the skeleton of what you need to know to get something running.

The first step is to open up your preferred text editor.  Notepad++ is used here, but pretty much anything works.

The basic structure:

Minicurso Intel XDK

Artigo introdutório ao Intel XDK para desenvolvimento de HTML5. Conheço o básico dessa ferramenta através desse artigo que introduz uma video aula que faz parte de uma séria de vídeos no youtube para facilitar o uso e aprendizado dessa ótima ferrmaneta de criação de aplicativos HTML5 multiplataforma.
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  • Videos - Parallel Programming with Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors

    Here is a list of recently published videos from Colfax International on Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) Coprocessors.

    In this video we will discuss software tools needed and recommended for developing applications for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. We will begin with software that is necessary to boot coprocessors and to run pre-compiled executables on them.

    视频 - 借助英特尔至强融核协处理器实现并行编程

    Colfax International 最近发布了下列一组关于英特尔(R) 至强融核(TM) 协处理器的视频。

    该视频主要介绍了开发面向英特尔至强融核协处理器的应用时所需要并推荐采用的软件工具。 我们首先介绍启动协处理器以及运行预编译的可执行文件所需的软件。

    我的应用是否能受益于 MIC 架构
    在本视频中,我们将探讨可在英特尔至强融核协处理器上有效运行的应用类型。 我希望上述介绍能够帮助大家回答“我的应用是否能受益于 MIC 架构?”

    Videos - Parallel Programming and Optimization with Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors

    Here is a set of introductory videos from Colfax International on Parallel Programming and Optimization with Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) Coprocessors.

    In this video episode we will introduce Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors based on the Intel Many Integrated Core, or MIC, architecture and will cover some of the specifics of hardware implementation.

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