Internet of Things: A Plant Monitor on the Intel® Edison Board

Over the past several years, the Internet of Things (IOT) has gained increasing attention from developers and consumers alike. You can now control almost everything in your home from your AC to your lights with a simple click of an app on your phone. In this article we make a plant monitor using the Intel® Edison board that autonomously waters a plant when the moisture level is too low and gives you the option to water on your command. Now you never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants, and your plants will be watered even when you’re out of town. You can follow this project on Twitter*: Intel Edison @PlantMonitor. We use the Arduino* IDE to write our sketch program to control the Intel Edison board. The data and other variables are sent to ThingSpeak* for data visualizations and tweeting.
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  • Connecting to the cloud

    This section contains steps to add the IoT Cloud repository to your Intel® Edison board. The IoT Cloud repository allows you to add support for multiple cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure*, IBM Watson IoT*, or Amazon* Web Services with the Intel® Edison board.

    Flashing your firmware manually

    This section contains steps to update (flash) the firmware on your Intel® Edison board using the manual process. The firmware is your board's operating system, and also allows for use of Wi-Fi*, Bluetooth*, analog and digital controls, and other functions. It's important to keep your firmware up-to-date to ensure the best stability and performance for your board.

    Using the Unity* Toolkit’s SendMessage Action with Intel® RealSense™ Technology

    This tutorial shows you how to use the Intel® RealSense™ Unity* Toolkit SendMessage action, which allows you to call a function from another script whenever an Intel RealSense application event is triggered.
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