UEFI Introduction

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UEFI Curriculum

About UEFI

UEFI-Framework Course Contents

Introduction to PC Architecture

Beyond BIOS

UEFI Introduction

UEFI Architecture and Technical Overview

UEFI Application

UEFI Shell

UEFI Boot Manager

UEFI Services

UEFI Drivers

Framework Architecture and Technical Overview



Potential research topics






• Brief History on EFI • UEFI Forum • Framework



Brief History On EFI

Interface specification

  • - Implementation agnostic

Compatible by design

  • - Evolution, not revolution

Abstracts BIOS from OS

  • - Decouples development

Modular and extensible

  • - OS-Neutral value add

Provide efficient Option ROM Replacement

  • - Common source for multiple CPU architectures


UEFI Forum

Unified EFI Forum, Inc. created for standardization

A Washington non-profit Corporation

- Develops, promotes and manages evolution of Unified EFI Specification

- Continue to drive low barrier for adoption

Promoter members:

- AMD, AMI, Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Insyde, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Phoenix

Tiered Membership:

- Promoters, Contributors and Adopters

More information: http://www.uefi.org


Unified EFI (UEFI) Forum – www.uefi.org

• Promoters

  • – OEMs: Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo
  • – IBVs: AMI, Insyde, Phoenix
  • – AMD, Apple, Intel, Microsoft

• UEFI Specification

  • – EFI 1.10 specification contributed to the Forum by Intel and Microsoft to be used as a starting draft
  • – UEFI 2.1 specification released.
  • – Forum will evolve, extend, and add any new functionality as required
  • – Intel contributed EFI 1.10 SCT being used as starting base for UEFI conformance tests


UEFI Membership

Promoters: board and corporate officers




- Corporations, groups or individuals wanting to participate in UEFI 

- Chance to join work groups and contribute to spec or test development

- Early access to drafts and work in progress



Adopters: - Any entity wanting to implement the specification



UEFI Promoters, Contributors and Adopters

11 Promoters

20+ Contributors

70+ Adopters

How the UEFI Forum Works

• Board sets strategic direction – Charters work groups to implement direction

• Work groups drawn from membership – Staffed by Promoters and Contributors

• Board approves work groups proposals

• Work Groups:

– USWG – UEFI Specification Working Group • responsible for UEFI Spec production

– UTWG – UEFI Testing Working Group • Responsible for publishing

SCT – PIWG – Platform Initialization Working Group

• Responsible for the spec that will eventually replace the framework level specs

– ICWG: Industry Communications


UEFI Many Groups working together for Standardizing Firmware




Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI and UEFI


Key Benefits

• Better - Faster - Cheaper to develop firmware

• Provides for flexibility –modularity –future growth

• Enables independence of drivers and applications from underlying hardware

• Framework is Intel implementation of EFI and UEFI



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