UEFI Services

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UEFI Curriculum

About UEFI

UEFI-Framework Course Contents

Introduction to PC Architecture

Beyond BIOS

UEFI Introduction

UEFI Architecture and Technical Overview

UEFI Application

UEFI Shell

UEFI Boot Manager

UEFI Services

UEFI Drivers

Framework Architecture and Technical Overview



Potential research topics


• Describe UEFI Services
 – Boot Services
 – Runtime Services


Boot Services

• Events and notifications

–Polled devices, no interrupts

• Watchdog timer

–Elegant recovery

• Memory allocation

• Handle location – for finding protocols

• Image loading

–Drivers, applications, OS loader


Runtime Services

• Services available at both boot time and runtime

• Timer, Wakeup alarm

– Allows system to wake up or power on at a set time.

• Variables

– Boot manager handshake

• System reset

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