University Politehnica of Bucharest

University Politehnica of Bucharest

Following the Multi-Core training sessions that Intel held in 2007 and 2009 at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University Politehnica of Bucharest, a number of our teaching and research staff joined the Intel Academic community.

As a direct result of these sessions, we integrated materials related to advanced OpenMP programming issues, Intel Threading Building Blocks, usage of the Intel Parallel Studio, profiling and debugging using the Intel VTune Performance and Thread Analyzer into our current courseware, in both bachelor and master lectures and labs.

Because we think training in parallel programming is of the utmost importance for all future computer science graduating students, we strive to offer them the latest in tools and programming technologies that the industry has to offer.

In this respect, we found the Intel curricula and training sessions to be of particular help in enhancing the level of knowledge our teaching assistants and researchers have in state-of-the-art programming tools.

This knowledge will be translated in the coming period into at least three bachelor- and two master-level lectures that we have planned for the coming year.
Also worth mentioning are the following training sessions on Multi-Core Programming subjects that we will conduct in cooperation with Intel: four sessions in the month of December 2009, at the Informatics Department of the University of Bucharest, the University Transilvania of Brasov, the University Dunarea de Jos of Galati, and the Technical University of Craiova.

Another four sessions are planned for early spring 2010 at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, the University Lucian-Blaga of Sibiu, and the West and Politechnic Universities in Timisoara."

Associate Professor Emil Slusanschi, Ph.D. University Politehnica of Bucharest, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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am based in zambia and i want to know how much it is to do the whole course. what is the procedure to come there? is it posible to study with you whilst am here? advise urgently as am anxious to study at bucharest. regards

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