Updating the License File after Renewal

When renewing your license you are entitled to a full year of Priority customer support at our Online Service Center and to the latest product updates. If you already have the desired version installed you don’t have to reinstall it. If you wish to download the newest version you will find a link to the download in your renewal email. You can also log into Intel Registration Center and download the product.

Note, the serial number for your product is not likely to change unless you purchase a product upgrade or if you received a free upgrade. If your serial number has changed be sure to keep the new number for your records.

If you choose to download and install an updated version be sure to use the correct serial number. If you choose to install using a license file make sure to use the new license file and not the old license file on your system.

Even if you have the latest version already installed you will need to replace the old license file with the new one in order to continue using your product successfully.

Installing the license file using Intel Software Manager

If you have Intel Software Manager on your system you can use it to install the new license and remove the old license quickly and efficiently.

- Open Intel Software Manager
- Navigate to the Licenses tab
- Click the Refresh License icon of the appropriate serial number and then click Refresh

The new license file will be installed in the appropriate directory and the old license file will be removed from your system.

Installing the license file manually

If your product was activated before the renewal, updated license file(s) will be attached your renewal email and will also be available to you from Intel Registration Center. If your product was not activated before the renewal, license file(s) will be generated upon the activation of the product.

Place the license file "*.lic" in the following directory, making sure not to change the license file name:

  • On Windows*: <installation drive>\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\Licenses
    For example: "c:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\Licenses"
    Note: If the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is defined, copy the file to the directory specified by the environment variable instead.
  • On Linux*: /opt/intel/licenses
  • On Mac OS*: /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses

Note: You will likely need administrative/root privileges to copy the license to the named directory.

Remember: keep your licenses directory clean. Old licenses may cause slow checkout times. When you install the new license be sure to delete any old unused licenses from the directory.

Floating license

Place the new license file on your server(s) either manually or via Intel License Manager and remove the old license file. You will also need to replace the license files on the client systems if your use model is to have a copy of the license file on each client system. There is no need to replace the license file on the clients if you have specified the port#@host for the license server in the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable.

Named-User license

Place the new corresponding license file on each one of your activated systems and remove the old license file. Remember that host ID(s) in the license file must match the host ID of the system it is associated with. If you have multiple activations per serial number you will need to identify the correct license file for each one of your systems. Using the Intel Software Manager is highly recommended to ensure license and system match.

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