How can I upgrade my standard compiler license to Professional edition?

Problem : 
I have a Intel C++/Fortran compiler standard license for version 10.1 with valid support, however, I want to access the newest version by upgrading my current license. What should I do?

Resolution : 

Please try the steps below:
1. Login to the Registration Center: <>;
2. Look at your list of products. In the Downloads column for your product, click on the Build number Example 10.1 (029). When you get to the download page, scroll down to the bottom part of the screen, you should see the statement in the Serial number column "Upgrade Available" for your serial number xxxx-xxxxxxxx;

3. Click on this statement and you will see the following:
    Click on the Product name under "Upgrade Product". This will upgrade you license file and replace the serial 
    number with a new serial number for the upgraded license file.  See example below:
4. You will then receive a new license file via email shortly and complete the upgrades.


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