User Group Training Materials and Resources

This is training material that Intel will cover in your meetup.

  1. Intel Android Tools: This presentation demonstrates how to use Beacon Mountain, the Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM), Threading Building Blocks (TBB), Graphics Performance Analyzer (GPA) and the Intel Performance Primitives (IPP). In addition it provides links to the download locations for all of the tools discussed. (PDF)
  2. Debugging NDK Applications on IA: This presentation gives an overview on how to use the application debugger (adb and the new helper script (ndk-gdb) for debugging NDK generated machine code. In addition an example using the Valgrind tool suite is covered. (PDF)
  3. Intel Android Platforms Targeting: This presentation gives an overview on how one can target their new or existing application for IA Android. Packaging APKs for multiple CPU architectures is discussed as well as 3rd party library considerations. (PDF)
  4. Testing Native Android Applications: This presentation gives an example of testing your application using the Intel HAXM emulator. (PDF)
  5. Using WiDi on Android: This presentation covers what WiDi is and how one can use it to differentiate their application on IA Android devices. This implementation is being proposed in a W3C working group. (PDF)
  6. NFC Application Development on Android: This presentation walks one through the steps of using the NFC capability available on many devices. An example of how to read and format an NFC tag is illustrated. (PDF)
  7. Migrate Phone Apps to Tablet: This presentation covers some of the strategies to consider when migrating your phone app to a tablet. (PDF)
  8. Android on IA Resources. (DOC)
  9. Intel HTML5 for Android presentation (PDF)
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