Users Create and Share Custom Screen Shots with the Snap 7 App by Ashampoo for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows* 8.1

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The powerful app enables users to capture and customize screen shots for teaching, collaboration and creative purposes.

It’s no secret that many people consider themselves visual creatures. It is for this reason that visual expression tools can be so useful in business, education and art. The screen shot is one such valuable tool. Now, Windows* 8.1 tablet users can create custom and annotated screen shots for any purpose with the Snap 7 app by Ashampoo.

Featured on Windows* 8.1 tablets, the Snap 7 app takes screen shots to a new level by offering a wide array of customizable settings and sharing options. The full-service app enables users to capture rectangular or free form shots on static photos or video. Then, users can customize their shots by including notes, arrows, shapes and stamps and share them via email or directly uploading to social media sites.

Snap 7 was designed by Ashampoo, a software developer and an Intel® Software Partner. With support from the Intel® Developer Zone, Ashampoo optimized Snap 7 for the capabilities of Windows* 8.1 tablets. The result is an enhanced way for users to capture and customize screen shots directly on their mobile devices.

“There are so many uses for screen shots Nikolaus Brennig, Chief Developer, Ashampoo Media. “We wanted to create an application that enabled all of them. Whether users want shots for business or personal use, they can use Snap 7 every time.”

Throughout the development of Snap 7, Ashampoo received assistance and guidance from Intel engineers.  The engineers provided troubleshooting assistance and provided access to code and other Intel resources. The result is a useful application that is fully optimized for Windows* 8.1 tablets.

“Users want applications that can be used anywhere and that’s why we optimized Snap 7 for Windows* tablets,” Sebastian Schwarz CEO, Ashampoo. “The interactive touch capabilities and superior screen quality ensure that users create screen shots that perfectly fit their needs.”

It is these and other qualities that make Windows* 8.1 the perfect platform for this functional new app.

Ashampoo is a software developer based out of Oldenburg, Germany. For more information visit its homepage at:

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