warning #10212: /fp:precise evaluates in source precision with Fortran

The Intel Fortran Compiler has many options that are shared with the Intel C++ Compiler.  One of these is /fp (Windows) or -fp-model (Linux and Mac OS).  In Intel C++, two of the values for this option, "precise" and "source", have different meanings. For C++, "precise" instructs the compiler to perform only those floating-point optimizations that are "value-safe"; that is, the optimization does not change the resulting value.

The "source" value, in addition to performing only value-safe optimizations, prevents the compiler from evaluating expressions in a higher precision than the language specifies for the operation.  For example, the compiler may decide that it is faster to do a multiplication in double-precision even though the arguments are single-precision.  (This often happens when SSE instructions are not being used.)

The Intel Fortran Compiler treats both "precise" and "source" the same as the C++ "source".  If you specify "precise", the compiler issues this warning to alert you to this fact.  If you wish to avoid the warning, specify "source" rather than "precise".

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