Webinar: Creating and Optimizing OpenCL* Applications with Intel OpenCL Tools

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The Intel® SDK for OpenCL Applications 2012 provides a comprehensive development environment and tools for the build, debug, and tune stages of an OpenCL application. Using these tools, developers can seamlessly target OpenCL kernels to take full advantage of both the CPU and HD Graphics on 3rd gen Intel® Core™ processors. Join Uri Levy, software manager for Intel® SDK for OpenCL Applications, and guests to learn about these powerful development tools and how to use them to create and optimize your OpenCL application. You’ll learn about:

  • Intel SDK for OpenCL* - Offline Compiler: Full offline OpenCL language compilation for your application
  • Intel® SDK for OpenCL* - Debugger: Step-by-step debugging capabilities for OpenCL kernels on the CPU
  • Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (GPA) Platform Analyzer: Quickly and easily trace OpenCL commands and tasks executed
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE: Analyze bottlenecks and optimize OpenCL kernel performance on CPUs

A Q&A will follow the presentation.

This is the third in a series of 3 informative webcasts where you’ll learn about OpenCL and the capabilities and tools included in Intel’s new Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications.

*OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used by permission by Khronos.


Uri Levy

Uri Levy manages the tools development activity and the engineering validation team for the Intel® SDK for OpenCL Application product in Intel's Software & Services Division. Uri joined Intel in 2006. Previously Uri has been software engineer at Intel for over 5 years in various projects including Mobile TV and video processing.

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