What information to provide when there is an issue with Intel® Parallel Amplifier?

When discussing an issue in the Intel® Parallel Amplifier forum or requesting support from Intel engineers, please help developers investigating the problem by providing the following:

• Provide a clear statement of the issue and the context in which it happens

• How to reproduce: include all information you think it could be useful for engineers to work on the issue

• System information and product logs including warning messages and if relevant, installation logs.

In order to collect system and Intel® Parallel Amplifier configuration information, open a command line and execute the following command, redirecting the output to a file.  This file can then be uploaded to a forum post or sent to Intel engineers as otherwise directed.

<AMPLIFIER_INSTALL_DIR>\bin32\ampl-feedback.exe -report-system-info
where <AMPLIFIER_INSTALL_DIR> is the Intel® Parallel Amplifier install directory for example: C:\Program Files\Intel\Parallel Studio\Amplifier\


Intel® Parallel Amplifier log files can be found at %temp%/ampl-log-<user_name> directory and installation logs are saved at %temp% directory in a few Amplifier_install.log* files. Compress them and send to Intel engineers if requested.

• If Intel® Parallel Amplifier crashes, the following dialog box should show up. Copy the report to the clipboard using "Copy" button and paste it to an e-mail message (use "Send Report" button) or save in a file and provide it as part of your request for help. There is no need to collect system information in this case.



• The following additional information would also be helpful to reproduce the problem:

- If Intel® Parallel Amplifier generated an assertion, please include it in your report

- Screenshots which illustrate the problem

- Collected data (project results directory compressed in archive file)

- Reduced test case which reproduces the issue, or access to an application that demonstrates the problem.

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