What's New? Intel® Advisor XE 2015

Intel® Advisor XE 2015

Intel Advisor XE 2015 is a successor product to Intel® Advisor 2013. Intel Advisor provides a set of tools that help you decide where to add parallelism to serial parts of your applications. The key features provided by this new major version since the initial Intel Advisor 2013 release include:

  • Significant new modeling capabilities in the Suitability Report window, including Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor analysis, loop iteration and duration modeling options, and improved scalability graph features and explanations.
  • Faster and more efficient annotation collection provides a more responsive GUI and less system load during annotation collection.
  • The ability to create a snapshot of the active result, save it, and view its data. Saved result snapshots are read-only, but can be compared visually with the current active result or other read-only result snapshots.
  • You can now pause (and later resume) data collection for uninteresting parts of your target program. Use either the Pause Collection and Resume Collection annotations or the pause/resume buttons in the command toolbar of the Survey Report and Suitability Report.
  • New command line options for the advixe command: no-auto-finalize, data-limit, interval, mrte-mode, no-follow-child, start-paused, resume-after, and target-duration-type.
  • Various usability and stability improvements. For example, a new Option for Linux* OS systems lets you choose which editor appears when you



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