What's New? Intel® Threading Building Blocks 4.2 update 5

Changes (w.r.t. Intel TBB 4.2 Update 4):
- The second template argument of class aligned_space<T,N> now is set to 1 by default.

Preview Features:
- Better support for exception safety, task priorities and floating point settings in class task_arena.
- task_arena::current_slot() has been renamed to task_arena::current_thread_index().

Bugs fixed:
- Task priority change possibly ignored by a worker thread entering a nested parallel construct.
- Memory leaks inside the task scheduler when running on Intel(R) Xeon Phi(tm) coprocessor.

Open-source contributions integrated:
- Improved detection of X Window support for Intel TBB examples and other feedback by Raf Schietekat.

You can download Intel TBB 4.2 update 5 from commercial and open source sites. 

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