What's New? Intel® Threading Building Blocks 4.4 Update 1

Changes (w.r.t. Intel TBB 4.4):

- Added support for Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2015.
- Intel TBB no longer performs dynamic replacement of memory allocation
    functions for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and earlier versions.
- For GCC 4.7 and higher, the intrinsics-based platform isolation layer
    uses __atomic_* built-ins instead of the legacy __sync_* ones.
    This change is inspired by a contribution from Mathieu Malaterre.
- Improvements in task_arena:
    Several application threads may join a task_arena and execute tasks
    simultaneously. The amount of concurrency reserved for application
    threads at task_arena construction can be set to any value between
    0 and the arena concurrency limit.
- The fractal example was modified to demonstrate class task_arena
    and moved to examples/task_arena/fractal.

Bugs fixed:

- Fixed a deadlock during destruction of task_scheduler_init objects
    when one of destructors is set to wait for worker threads.
- Added a workaround for a possible crash on OS X* when dynamic memory
    allocator replacement (libtbbmalloc_proxy) is used and memory is
    released during application startup.
- Usage of mutable functors with task_group::run_and_wait() and
    task_arena::enqueue() is disabled. An attempt to pass a functor
    which operator()() is not const will produce compilation errors.
- Makefiles and environment scripts now properly recognize GCC 5.0 and

Open-source contributions integrated:

- Improved performance of parallel_for_each for inputs allowing random
    access, by Raf Schietekat.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.


Michael Frenzel's picture

I'm interested on support for Visual Studio 2015.

Also look for binaries for this compiler.
I can't find the Update 1 for Intel TBB 4.4.  My Intel Software Manager say always
" You courrently have the latest available software installed on your computer"

But this is only 4.4 from End of July ??

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