What's New? Intel® Threading Building Blocks 4.4 Update 3

Changes (w.r.t. Intel TBB 4.4 Update 2):

- Modified parallel_sort to not require a default constructor for values
    and to use iter_swap() for value swapping.
- Added support for creating or initializing a task_arena instance that
    is connected to the arena currently used by the thread.
- graph/binpack example modified to use multifunction_node.
- For performance analysis, use Intel(R) VTune(TM) Amplifier XE 2015
    and higher; older versions are no longer supported.
- Improved support for compilation with disabled RTTI, by omitting its use
    in auxiliary code, such as assertions. However some functionality,
    particularly the flow graph, does not work if RTTI is disabled.
- The tachyon example for Android* can be built using Android Studio 1.5
    and higher with experimental Gradle plugin 0.4.0.

Preview Features:

- Added class opencl_subbufer that allows using OpenCL* sub-buffer
    objects with opencl_node.
- Class global_control supports the value of 1 for

Bugs fixed:

- Fixed a race causing "TBB Warning: setaffinity syscall failed" message.
- Fixed a compilation issue on OS X* with Intel(R) C++ Compiler 15.0.
- Fixed a bug in queuing_rw_mutex::downgrade() that could temporarily
    block new readers.
- Fixed speculative_spin_rw_mutex to stop using the lazy subscription
    technique due to its known flaws.
- Fixed memory leaks in the tool support code.

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