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Windows Touch Enable Camera utilizes simple C++ programming ideas with a few principals that enable the application to use both Windows 7 and Windows 8 touch APIs to control the camera’s basic functions such as starting the camera, displaying the motion images on screen and then capturing an image. The application is a desktop-based application that is using Win32 and Video for Windows (VFW) libraries and protocols. The application shows you how to create a simple console application, format windows and buttons to accept touch inputs, and capture video and images from the application. The code shows you how a video or frame is loaded into memory and then dumped out to a file location within the application root. The sample will utilize the inbox camera and video drivers and will enumerate the first camera available to the device manager within Windows 7 or Windows 8.


Windows* Desktop Touch Camera Sample Whitepaper

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Soon windows 8 will replace all windows 7 pcs because both have much of the system requirements in common with a major difference that windows 8 can be operated with touch.
Further windows 7 can be upgraded to windows 8 easily.

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