World Zero by Shanda Games

New Ultrabook™ devices present exciting opportunities for games to take advantage of the high resolution visual display and touch and keyboard capabilities. With the World Zero game on Ultrabook systems, players get to create and play in a visually-stunning virtual game world and interact with it through both the touch and keyboard.

Shanda Games utilized the tablet and laptop features of Ultrabook systems to create entire virtual worlds and expand them without limit. The game offers robust creation tools that allow users to create different characters, levels and maps. Plus, it allows players to completely design, develop and release their worlds through the World Zero platform.

When developing World Zero, Shanda Games took advantage of the resources available to them as an Intel® Software Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone to access tools, code and support to create the best game possible. Plus, the company received inspiration and feedback from the communities within the Intel Developer Zone.

“Intel helped us through the entire development of World Zero, including software development under Intel architecture, continuous testing and optimization on a range of chipset platforms,” said Lane Zhu (Project Manager).

Plus, Shanda Games received early access to tools to take advantage of the touch capabilities of Ultrabook devices. “Creating interactive and visually compelling virtual worlds is more exciting and engaging through the touch interface of Ultrabook systems,” Lane Zhu (Project Manager) said.

The Intel® Core™ processors in Ultrabook systems provides a seamless, graphics intensive experience that allows players of the game the ability to use both the touch and laptop capabilities. “Players get a seamless flow without lag time, which helps them enjoy the game more,” Lane Zhu (Project Manager) said.

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