XE product upgrade

Product upgrade to the XE product line involves transitioning to a new product name and a new serial number.  If your subscription period for the current product is active and is eligible for the upgrade, you should have received a product upgrade notification on the availability of the new product with a link to the product upgrade. You can also download by following the steps below:   

  1. Login to the Intel® Registration Center by entering your Login ID and Password in the Registered Users Login section of the web page. You will find a list of all products you have subscribed in the "My Products" page.
  2. For the current product, you will see the XE product name displayed in addition to the original product name. Clicking the latest update in the download latest update column leads you to the product upgrade page. Click the product name to upgrade.
  3. To start download, click on the filename to download the package.
  4. Note: If installing using the license file option, the new license file obtained with the product upgrade must be used for successful installation.
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