FAT Binary Created for Windows* Static (.lib) and Dynamic-Link (.dll) Library Containing Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Offload Code

The Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Editions for Windows* have an internal implementation feature enhancement enabling the Intel® 15.0 compilers to create a FAT binary file for the Windows* Static library (.lib) and Windows* Dynamic-Link library (.dll) when using the Intel® Language Extensions for Offload or OpenMP* 4.0 target constructs.

The enhancement provides the application developer further transparency of Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor support when using the Intel® Language Extensions for Offload or OpenMP* 4.0 target constructs within a Windows* Static (.lib) or Windows* Dynamic-Link (.dll)  library application.

The enhancement also provides improved application developer usability by lessening requirements to handle only a single combined FAT Binary (.lib) or .dll file. Previous releases required handling of the paired Windows* Static library (.lib) and associated Linux* Static archive (.a), or the Windows* Dynamic-Link library (.dll) and associated Linux* Dynamic-shared (.so) library files.

On a related note, the tool for manipulating the Fat binary and object files is offload_extract. The Offload Extract tool is a standalone tool that extracts embedded target objects from fat objects and embedded target binaries and libraries from fat executables on Windows* and Linux* systems.

This feature enhancement is available in both the C++ and Fortran Intel® 15.0 compilers.

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