Accelerate Autonomous Driving

Fast-track performance, algorithm design, deep learning, and more with this rich set of development tools for building in-vehicle and data center systems.

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Key Benefits

With the SDK's advanced tools, developers can:

  • Build high-performing, power-efficient designs for in-vehicle and cloud-based data center platforms
  • Advance perception sensors and deep learning algorithms
  • Boost productivity, simplify development across end-to-end workflows, and accelerate the training and inference of deep learning models


Who Needs This

Data scientists, system designers, and developers of autonomous driving solutions can use this SDK to maximize hardware performance, optimize systems and applications, and advance perception sensors and deep learning algorithms.

How to Get Access

The beta SDK is available only to existing automated driving customers who collaborate with Intel. If you are approved for access, you'll get an email with access and download instructions.

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What’s Included

The SDK is an environment for automated driving development that includes several common workflow modules. Each workflow includes one or more tools, and is specifically designed for optimizing certain automotive solutions or functions. The tools include an autonomous driving library, performance libraries, analyzers, profilers, compilers, debuggers, deep learning tools and frameworks, a data labeling tool, and more, that enable optimal car-to-cloud system design. Data flows smoothly from one to another, boosting efficiency. Workflow modules include:

  • In-Vehicle Software Development
  • Data Center Software Development
  • FPGA Development
  • Deep Learning Training
  • Deep Learning Deployment
  • Data Labeling and Visualization

When you download the SDK, you can choose your workflows and tools, installing just what you need. For more details, see Features.