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Gathering and analyzing “big data” helps forecast market conditions, make critical decisions, and get insights into your customers.

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Intel® CPU Excels in MLPerf* Reinforcement Learning Training Today, MLPerf* consortium, a group of 40 companies and university research institutes, published the 2nd round of the benchmark results based upon MLPerf training rev 0.6.  MLPerf training benchmarks are designed to measure performance for training workloads across cloud providers and on-premise...
WWT Shows FPGA Benefits in Advanced Technology Center First national system integrator for Intel® PSG adds FPGA “Center of Excellence” to its Advanced Technology Center, enabling customers to experience benefits of acceleration World Wide Technology (WWT) is the first national system integrator for the Intel® Programmable System Group (PSG) bringing...
Real-time Product Recommendations for Office Depot* Using Apache Spark* and Analytics Zoo on AWS* For e-commerce success, real-time recommender systems involve training DNNs to build efficient recommender systems to increase website revenue.
Model Serving with Analytics Zoo

Use Analytics Zoo to deploy production applications. See how to extract your model, and then load and serve that model in any Java*, Scala, or other Java virtual machine (JVM) language.

TensorFlow* on Apache Spark* with Analytics Zoo

Analytics Zoo features TensorFlow*, which allows you to train and deploy TensorFlow and Keras models on Apache Spark* clusters. Learn how to take a standard set of Keras layers from TensorFlow and distribute the training of those layers on Apache Spark using Analytics Zoo.

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Accelerate Big Data Analytics with Alibaba Cloud* Object Storage Service on Intel® Platforms Cloud-based big data services offer agility, flexibility, and simplicity as the number one priority consideration for big data investments.
Analytics Zoo Introduction

This video covers Analytics Zoo Overview. Analytics Zoo provides a unified analytics and AI platform, bringing together Apache Spark*, BigDL, Tensorflow* and Keras. Analytics Zoo and BigDL are built on top of Apache Spark, providing scalable deep learning framework for development and deployment...

Use Analytics Zoo Keras style API to solve classification problem

This tutorial shows using Analytics Zoo's Keras style API to solve a classification problem. We will use loans dataset from Prosper to predict loan performance. Prosper is a peer-2-peer lending institution. We will predict if...

Intel® DevCloud Published Datasets
The AI datasets described here were cleaned and preprocessed for use on the Intel® DevCloud. Includes descriptions, usage examples, keywords, and more