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Gathering and analyzing “big data” helps forecast market conditions, make critical decisions, and get insights into your customers.

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Welcome to the Data Driven World

The world is moving at a new speed, operating at a new frequency, changing all the time. Business transactions take place online, collaboration takes place across the globe, and thousands upon thousands of bytes of information are transmitted every second through the digital atmosphere, in an ever-growing lattice of information-age industry.

The Internet of Things is creating a world of connectedness we could never have imagined would be possible, and contributing to the mind-blowing amount of information our society produces every second. The term big data is an acknowledgement that there is a wealth of insights to be discovered in the way people use technology and interact in the digital world, if you have the infrastructure to effectively store, manage, process, and analyze it. This new world of big data is the phenomenon of our time, and its possibilities to improve all aspects of society are limitless. At the heart of the big data movement are Apache Hadoop* and Apache Spark*, a fundamentally new way of storing and processing data, discovering patterns, and predicting trends that spark innovation.

Innovation requires hardware and software that relates to each other. Without that relationship, they stand apart, inoperable, and useless. Together, they can solve real problems and unlock the future.

From software to silicon, Intel is leading the creation of a high performance, secure, and robust foundation for big data analytics innovations. We offer competitive advantages in Intel® architecture through advanced silicon acceleration and security capabilities, software performance optimization, and seamless integration of our hardware and software. Our open source leadership, from Java*, Apache Hadoop*, Apache Spark* to NoSQL, and our contributions in real-time analytics are helping to build a strong, secure software foundation and are providing our partners with the tools and services to accelerate development and deliver meaningful solutions.

Intel® Software is already at the center of a vibrant ecosystem of organizations: ODMs, OEMs, ISVs, network and service providers. While organizations are already deriving huge benefits from big data insights, Intel (among others) is also engaging with key players in the Science & Technology community to further define security, real-time analytics, and interoperability capabilities to unleash even more innovation in the future.

We are pushing the industry forward through sharing of academic research and discovery, providing access to our world-class development community, driving open source standards, and expanding our open source contributions.

The digital world is a massive humming ecosystem of potential energy. Intel is dedicated to helping you set it in motion.

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