Intel® Black Belt Software Developers

Our Intel Black Belt Software Developers are the most distinguished members of our communities. They have been selected individually for exceptional technical expertise and leadership in the Intel® Developer Zone communities and our industry. Do you have what it takes to be an Intel Black Belt Software Developer?

Intel® Developer Zone Rewards Program

The Intel Developer Zone rewards our communities’ most active participants with belt status levels and unique gifts. Up until this time we have offered only books.

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What are these rewards based on?

They are based on your contributions! The rewards are based on points you receive when you actively participate in our Intel Developer Zone communities by doing any of the following:

Content Comments Add your comment under any article, blog or video 5
Forum Topic Start a new forum topic – just click the New topic button at the top of each forum 10
Forum Post Add a forum post 20
Article Post Write and post an article 80
White Paper Post Write and post a white paper 80
Code Sample Submissions Contribute a code sample 80
Blog Post Write and post a blog 80

What do I get as a reward recipient?

When you achieve Brown Belt status (500-4,999 points), you may choose from rewards available at the time of award. Here are recent offerings at the Brown Belt level:

Nitecore EA4* LED Flashlight
This compact LED flashlight puts out 860 lumens. It's small, light, and really bright!

The Phone Fun Pack
This reward set includes a tiny bean bag chair for your phone (face it, it needs a rest), and a Brunton Torpedo* car charger and mobile battery all in one.

Amazon Fire* TV Stick
Amazon Fire* TV stick connects to your TV's HDMI port. Just grab and go to enjoy Netflix*, Amazon Prime* Instant Video, Hulu Plus*, YouTube*, music, and much more.

When you achieve Red Belt status (5,000 points and upward), you may choose from rewards available at the time of award. Here are recent offerings at the Red Belt level:

LEGO* Volkswagen T1* Camper Van
An authentic replica of the classic Volkswagen Camper Van from 1962. It's cool, it's fun, and it's LEGO*.

500 GB G-Technology G-DRIVE*
This mini hard drive delivers all the speed of USB 3.0 and FireWire* connectivity, along with easy setup and high capacity.

The Space Fun Pack
This reward set includes a classic arcade wristwatch with real "pew - pew" sounds, an R2D2 car charger with two USB charging ports providing 2.1 Amps of Star Wars goodness and a Space Odyssey Bag that has a lot of "space" inside.

These rewards are only available to Brown and Red Belt recipients. The first time you earn your belt status, you'll receive a notification of eligibility and will be led to the page where you can select your reward and provide information for delivery.

The rewards available at the time of selection are based on availability and are selected at the discretion of the Intel Developer Zone. Depending on where you live, you should receive your reward within six (6) weeks from the date of the notification email or confirmation of your physical address, whichever is later.

How do I get these rewards?

To be eligible for any of these rewards you must be active in our Intel Developer Zone communities. Every time you ask a question or comment on our forums, you generate points. Additional point-yielding opportunities include writing a blog or article or sharing a video. These points help you earn your belt status. To learn more about points, check out our FAQs.

Is this part of the Black Belt Program?

Yes, but only to the extent that Intel Developer Zone Community Member point totals and the details of their contributions help us identify Black Belt candidates, many of which are found in the Brown and Red Belt ranks, but our Black Belt developers are not awarded that honor based solely on community points. In other words, a community member will not reach a point number threshold and be automatically awarded a Black Belt as with the Brown and Red Belts.

Intel Developer Zone community members are nominated for Black Belt status when their contributions to Intel Developer Zone, Intel, and/or the software industry clearly exceed average levels. Intel Black Belt Software Developers distinguish themselves by demonstrating extreme technical expertise, a willingness to share that expertise, and by their industry leadership. For more information on the Intel Black Belt Software Developer Program please check here.