What I learned at Mashup Camp - Part 1

What I learned at Mashup Camp " Part 1

I spent most of last week at Mashup Camp in Mt.View at the Computer History Museum. The first twodays were Mashup University. An introduction into whatsponsoring companies are doing to establish framework and platform leadershipin the market. Intel, Adobe, Microsoft , AOL and others have brand awareness insoftware development; so they are looked to as industry leaders. If thesecompanies make a big investment in a technology then it reduces the risk forsmaller software companies to do the same.

Adobe presented Flex 2 that works with Apollo and Kiwi APIs. It gave me theimpression that Adobe was working to leverage the Macromedia Flash purchaseinto a framework more integrated into the operating system. http://www.adobe.com/products/flex

Microsoft presented Virtual Earth platform including SOAP and JavaScriptAPIs. I was impressed with MapCruncher, a tool for overlaying any PDF/JPEG datasuch as floor plans. They showed a mashup that overlaid the "Locate Me" featurewith a blue print of the museum. I think that there is potential for applyingthe mashup for our Intel campus.
http://preview.local.live.com " Great mashup of Virtual Earth and street photos of Seattle.
http://www.live.local.com " I have toadmit that I installed the outlook plug-in for calendar address mapping. It is still quirky and coincidental myblackberry stopped syncing with my calendar.

Of course the Intel/Amazon/ElephantDrive mobile mash up motivated myinvolvement. The technology is pretty cool but the idea of mobile mashup is notas mature as Web based. Intel is working on the next release of the mobilesoftware tools, so my team's goal at Mashup Camp was really to listen, learnand bounce ideas around. I talked to as many mobile software developers as Icould to gain their insights and have provided feedback to the Intel software toolsteam.

Some of the presenters had cool technology that appeared to be looking for aproblem to solve. Others seemed to smell money in mashup and were looking toget in on the action.

Next up - Mashup Camp - the unconference
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