64-bit and Intel

A few days ago an OEM asked whether or not Intel had 64-bit... It was kind of funny, kind of sad - and, of course, the OEM should know we do...but, then again, I have to admit we've done a pretty lousy job to date of letting folks know about our 64-bit offerings - while AMD has even included 64 proudly in some of their product names. Okay, if you're into Roman numerals, I guess the 64 isn't exactly hidden in Viiv, but that's another story... You probably know about Itanium, which has been a 64-bit architecture since its inception. But the truth is our Xeon line has supported 64-bit for over a year and everything out there you'll find with a "D," as in Pentium? D, or Celeron? D (yes, even Celeron? D supports 64-bit), and all the new Intel? Core2 Duo processors as well. Intel? 64 is alive and well. And...your 32-bit OS and apps will run just fine on them too :).
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