Second Life - Intel Engagement

I'm Jason Powell, have been working for Intel about 6 years as a Microsoft Account Manager and recently took an Analyst job at Intel. I work with smaller Web 2.0 companies to help them grow using Intel technology and support. One of the companies I've been working with in the last 4 months is Linden Labs. I've visited them in person several times to understand their Solution and what they need to grow. It has been a blast, educating Intel about the possibilities of Second Life, it reminds me of when my first software professors would explain about the basics of software, that it is a tool to create anything on the computer, and that it is only limited by our individual imagination. Several don't believe until I show them Second Life in person or give examples of the variety of ways major companies are using Second Life.

I've developed a pretty good relationship with Linden Labs by supporting them at a few Shows/Events (at Siggraph 2006 and Emerce Day in The Netherlands last month). I believe in their product and believed I could help them grow. I developed a plan/strategy to support them with the lastest Intel Server Technology as well as getting them aligned with Intel's future Roadmaps, so end users wouldn't have any issues when experiencing Second Life. Got a small team together to support the strategy, Silicon Mechanics was very helpful, as well as few Intel Sales and Marketing folks. Recently Linden CTO announced a move back to Intel Servers. Most part is due to performance and low power of the CPU and part is the relationship established in growing Second Life.

The majority of the content within Second Life is created by the users, there are games you can play within Second Life, concerts to attend, test driving cars, reviewing art, designing clothes, the only limit is your imagination. You can also develop your own business and make Linden dollars, these dollars can be converted with Pay Pal into US dollars.

"Built on Intel, experienced on Intel, it's better that way" this is the messaging we jointly developed with Linden Labs.


Jason Powell
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