Driving Blind - Why targetless user interface seems more logical in Car Ultra Mobile

Software development for Ultra Mobile devices is going tobe critical to this product segments adoption. One example of a company that ismaking good headway is StreetDeck. They specialize in making software that provides the in-car user interface that runs over Windows*. Robert Wray, the companies CEO, explained that, "StreetDeck provides the touch interface for the driver to do navigation, audio playback, phone integration, vehicle information, and also provides a whole suite of plug-ins through a Software Development Kit that run on Windows." Robert and his team have been workingwith Intel for about a year and he reflects that the project, "...Definitely hasbeen fast-tracked. We had an introduction last year and did the keynote with Otellini this year. It has been a great experience." Their product expands theuse case for Ultra Mobile devices and with simple software add-ons the device can function like a well integrated component. It allows more casual attention from the user. When a user is driving they are not as effective at selecting targets on a dashboard touch screen. A better approach is to make the visuals on the screen independent of the user's commands. For example when audio is playing you can simply run your finger from top to bottom of the screen to turn down the volume or from right to left to skip to the next song. These types of innovations are going to allow for a richer user experience and a safer ride for everyone on board.
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