Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit v0.27d now available

A few minutes ago Ajay posted the latest version of the Intel AMT DTK v0.27d and there are lots of changes since the older v0.24 that was posted before. First of all, I think the overall quality of the DTK is getting better and better. I keep getting feedback from people asking me to change lots of things all over the place and this just helps the DTK look much better overall.

This is the first public version with of the DTK with full support for simplified Chinese. I don't speak it or understand it myself, but a team in Intel China helped me greatly getting this done. It's not easy since lots of code also needs to be changed to remove any strings in the code, etc. If you install the Microsoft Windows fonts, you can check out the DTK in simplified Chinese by adding the "-lzh" argument to any of the tools on the DTK.

Another major feature is Intel AMT Outpost. The sample agent tool can now run as a Microsoft Windows Service and now has its own control panel tool. We worked to make it very easy to install and run the service and with the control panel tool, it's really child's play. Intel AMT Outpost also has improved access control, and more Serial-over-LAN features. For example: you can go in Intel AMT Commander and remotely manage device drivers and browse the file system. Of course, you need to set the permissions right and authenticate to Intel AMT before doing all this.

Most of the hard work was really put into making the new release of Intel AMT Director. This is the DTK's sample setup and configuration server and can been seen as a very simple, very lightweight version of the Intel SCS. I have configured many computers with one-touch configuration using Intel AMT Director and it seems to be pretty robust. An administrator can also create certificates and setup TLS using this tool.

Well, I look forward to everyone's feedback on this new version. I am already working on the next one and I really can't see any end in sight. There are so many more features I need to implement.

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