Web 2.0 Expo (6 design guidelines and how to find the right people)

Aaron at the Web 2.0 ExpoDesigning a good web site is no longer about building a design layout in photoshop and handing it off to the engineering team. The team roles are no longer narrowly defined as "designer", "writer" and "programmer". You can not control the way that people consume the content that you post to your web site.

These are just a few of the ideas that the Web 2.0 Community is repeating again and again. I'm just out of my first session at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. The Intel Software Network team is here to learn about the newest ideas in web development. The team wants to make sure that the work we do on www.intel.com/software is the best way to communicate with the developer community.

A few key ideas I got from the session on Design Hybrid are:
1. Writing semantic markup
2. Provide web services
3. Remixing content (about when and what, not who and why)
4. Emergent navigation and relevance (users are in control)
5. Adding metadata over time (communities building social information)
6. Shift to programming (separation of structure and style)

A lot of time was spent talking about what makes a great team member.
Here are a few thing that I noted:
a. Good communication skills (be able to talk both design and technology)
b. There are rules to good design (grid, typography, color, etc...)
c. Curiosity is a very important skill
d. People should be passionate about educating the team
i. Encourage the curiosity within the group
ii. There is limited documentation on how to develop this in a team

e. A willingness to ask questions, take risks and be wrong
f. A commitment to solving problems, not just identifying them.
g. Need to understand an agile development
i. User centered design principals
ii. Information design flow in and out

h. Companies have a waterfall methodologies with clearly defined roles that does not support people always being able to do the right .
i. Find people how have the skill set to offset your own.
j. Talk in mockups (photos, drawings, paper prototypes)
i. If you can see it you can communicate more clearly

p.s. the wi-fi is working MUCH better than the last two conference that I attended. And EVERYONE seems to have a laptop open. It's not as fast as at home or work, but I'm connected.
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