Instructions to disable the Intel AMT privacy notification popup

Lori Welch left a comment on one of my blog posts - "I am curious why every time I login to the pc, I get a box that pops up notifying me of the AMT. I find this particularly annoying for end users, and is there no way to disable the notice?"

First, let us understand why the Intel AMT privacy notification popup? In the spirit of transparency and user privacy, Intel provides a notification mechanism for system manufacturers to disclose the presence and state (on or off) of Intel AMT.

I posted this question to our developer discussion forum where couple of Intel engineers expressed some solutions like the one from Ylian Saint-Hilaire"Personally, I run "msconfig" and remove all Intel AMT auto-run applications and services except for the LMS service which is useful for accessing Intel AMT (The Intel AMT HECI driver). At this point, I do it so fast each time I setup a new computer, I don't even notice I am doing it anymore.

And, I was also told by Jia-Shing Wang that "In the not-so-distant future, end-users will be given a check box to disable the message box from showing at log-on time"

But, I somehow felt that we should have some other way for the end user to be able to disable the popup purely from a usability perspective.  After talking to some experts internally these are the instructions I was given to disable the Intel AMT privacy notification. Big thanks to Jerome Estebanfor helping me find these instructions.

Disable.reg has [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "atchk"=""
This will prevent the privacy icon application from ever running again.

If you want to keep the app running, but, minimized to get rid of the "popup", then

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Intel\Network_Services\atchk] "MinimizePrivacyIconAtStart"=dword:00000001

This can also be done by altering the oementry.reg file which contains this entry. The atchk (privacy icon) app gets installed when you install the SOL/LMS driver software.

The disable.reg and oementry.reg files should be shipped on the OEM driver CDs.

I really hope these instructions help the users who would like to disable the AMT privacy notice - until the time we make it simpler for the end-users to do the same more easily.
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Thanks Aja for the additional information on this. You indicated that you were told "In the not-so-distant future, end-users will be given a check box to disable the message box from showing at log-on time". As your post is Apr.2007 and I'm writing this Jun2011, I'm a little curious as to what these engineers think "in the not too distant future" is? Personally, I think 4+ years, is FAR beyond the "not to distant" designation.

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hi guys
can someone give detailed instruction on how to uninstall intel AMT
as i do not use or need it
many thanks

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I changed the MinimizePrivacyIconAtStart value in oementry.reg but the pop-up remained. So prior to installation I created the reg key via a dos script and after installation no pop-up.

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I blogged some more detailed instructions on how to disable and configure the AMT popup at these other posts:

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Thanks for telling us how to disable this crap.

I'm an end user who was told to install this "urgent" upgrade by the dell support website. I've had nag windows and a red x icon in my task bar ever since. What a pain. Who thinks these things through, anyway?

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I have not seen this issue before. It also depends on the particular OEM computer you are using. I recommend that you post this question to our developer discussion forum ( for a response to this issue. Thanks.

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The status icon now is always displayed on the Windows taskbar, but my problem is that it always says: "Intel AMT status on this computer is: disabled."
What have I to do?

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I forgot to add ..

enable.reg - Run this file once to start the application each
time Windows boots.

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Thanks for your comment.

To set the computer to always display the status icon on the
Windows taskbar:
(i) Run the enable.reg registry file (described below)
(ii) Copy the atchk.exe to - C:\Program Files\Intel\AMT Status

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(I'm italian so plese excuse me if I don't explain myself very clearly!)
I have a problem with Intel AMT: its status is always disabled.
I was annoyed by that pop up so I double clicked "disable.reg" and that problem was solved; when I tried to re-enable it, it didn't work; thanks to the informations of Ron I managed to do it.
But now the status is always disable.... Can you help me? Thanks!


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