Web 2.Overload

Normally I'm pretty enthusiastic about new technology ideas.  This is because even a mediocre or boring idea might hold the seed for something insanely great. 

And since Web 2.0 holds the promise of cons-ing together new things from pieces of other things very easily, it's the natural place to look for the viral DNA of the Next Big Thing. 

It's starting to get a little out of control for me!  

In just the past week, my awareness touched on two new Web 2.0-ish ideas: Twitter and Good Reads

I have seen Twitter being used by some bloggers -- it's kind of a "micro-blog" service which allows you to exchange one-line "tweets" with your friends, usually to talk about what you're doing.   

The effect must be like what I experienced this morning at 5AM from my front lawn -- an insanely loud bird singing at the top of it's little lungs and "networking" with the same species of bird in other trees in other yards. 

I can imagine a lot of uses for this kind of idea as a part of other ideas.  Apparently others can too, since Twitter was written up in the NY Times. 

This week I was also invited to befriend someone on Good Reads.  It kind of looks like a Flickr for books. 

But hey, I can't even take full advantage of the cool services I subscribe to already!  I would love to collaborate more on Flickr, del.icio.us, livejournal, but there are only so many minutes in the day. 

Am I experiencing Web2.Overload?  (And did I just coin this term?  Looks like it's the only Google reference...)
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