Update on the 915 Graphics WDDM Vista Driver Issue

Wow, you guys are really persistent. :-)

Since I posted a comment in one of the previous discussions about the 915 Graphics Vista driver issue, that I was going to talk to the graphics group about the possibility of releasing an open source and/or "beta" unofficial WDDM driver, to let you at least try to get Aero Glass, Movie Maker, and DVD Maker working in Windows Vista, you've been coming here every day to see/ask if there's been any progress. So here's an update:

I haven't talked to the graphics group yet, because I'm trying to identify the right people to talk to. That's hard in such a big company (Intel has almost 100,000 employees, and I don't work directly with anyone in the Graphics group). But I'm going to find someone, eventually.

Why haven't I posted something sooner? Well, besides the fact that there wasn't any news, I was out of town last week for the MIX07 conference, and there's that whole matter of my job and having actual work to do. ;-) So I'm asking for a little patience on your part.

Also, remember that WINDOWS VISTA WORKS PERFECTLY FINE ON INTEL 915 GRAPHICS. It's just some of the advanced "eye candy" features, like Aero Glass, that don't work without a WDDM driver. To my knowledge, such a driver never existed. The fact that "it worked during the beta!" was due to the fact that Microsoft was allowing XPDM drivers to run the fancy stuff - the hard requirement for a WDDM driver wasn't put in place until later builds of Vista. There is no magical WDDM driver that Intel released during the beta, and subsequently pulled out of existence (someone would have found and hacked a version of that by now if that were the case). There is and only ever was the XPDM driver that exists today.

This isn't a ploy to make you all think that Intel "really cares" (sorry, conspiracy theorists!). I stepped in front of this bus on my own, and I intend to see it through to the end. I'm committed to maintaining transparency throughout the whole thing, too, so as soon as I know the outcome (good or bad), you will too. Stay tuned, and remember, there's NO guarantee or promise that anything will come of this! If the graphics group comes back and says they won't or can't release a WDDM driver for 915, then there's really nothing more we can do. At least we will have tried.
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