How to Build Runtime Environment for MPSDK

It has been one month since we first released my MPSDK open source project, and we have achieved more than 1000 downloads from both ISN and Sourceforge. This is a great achievement for us and a milestone for this project.

Unfortunately, beside the pretty downloading figure, we haven't got a customer yet, neither a bug, so I have been thinking what is the root of this problem. After building a sample code out of MPSDK package by myself, I found the proceed of setting runtime and development environment is a bit the inconvenient for customer and maybe it is not crystal for our customer to use this big package, so I have drafted a tutorial for how to build up runtime environment for MPSDK for customer's convenience.

This tutorial will guide you through the whole process of building development environment

Note: please use this tutorial with "Quick Start Guide", this tutorial is for CLR only

1. Build Framework.

$(MPSDKROOT)\ Projects\Win32\VS2003\Framework


Open VS2003 working interface and set up VC++ Directories.

Please note that:






These paths need to be put at the bottom of the list, otherwise you might encounter building errors.



2. Building other projects

After successfully building Framework, you can build bandwidth, provider, CLR binding and CLR samples by the same way. After all solutions have been built successfully, service can be registered and started now

Note: when you are building CLR sample solution, you need to run Samples\Win32\CLR\bin\copy_dll.bat before building the solution.

3. Set up runtime environment for the whole system


Starting service.


After sevice has been started successfully, you can start developing your code with our SDK smoothly.

Follow above steps, you should be able to set up runtime environment successfully. If you still have issues, please let me know.

At the meanwhile, we are thinking about to build installers for both of runtime and SDK for customer's convenience, thus the customers can put more efforts on development. I wish the installers could be ready very soon.
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