Intel Software Launches

A few posts ago I posed the question "What if Intel shared ideas and prototypes early in the development cycle?" to share some of the thoughs that we were having within our team. Internal to Intel Software we all knew about some great projects in the works. But sometime the development cycle can be long and we wanted to ensure that as we built these feature we were working on tools and products that engineers really wanted. So with that in mind we formed a team to get these ideas out the door faster. The Intel Software Network team worked jointly with the Intel Software Products Team to build a new site all about sharing product ideas as soon as we could. We were passionate about getting the ideas out of the research lab and into the hands of the customer fast. Since the project started with us asking "What If?" we went with that as the name for the site. So check it out and let us know what you think. We are really excited about the first couple of projects that we are presenting. Please download the files and give us your candid feedback. You can comment on this blog or the discussion forum we have set up for the projects. If you like them then we will work to make them better. Were not saying that everything we post will become full products, but with your help the best ideas will get out of the lab and become useful software for everyone.

Oh and we thought that it might be a good idea to get them out to developers and see what they thought.

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