Who should be writing the software to enable Intel AMT

Unlike other technologies that we produce here at Intel, AMT requires a complex ecosystem for it to provide full value to IT shops. One of the questions we keep coming up against is who should be building what in that ecosystem. We are looking to supply a platform with the belife that everybody up and down the food chain will benefit. Hardware manufactures a.k.a. OEM's (HP, Dell, etc.) Manageability software providers a.k.a ISV's (Altiris, LANDesk etc.) and of course corporate IT shops should benefit. The tricky part it this equation seems to be ISV's. Without good software support early in the game IT shops will not be able to capitalize on their investment in vPro. ISV's on the other hand will probably only start seeing significant sales value from Intel AMT when it is widely deployed. One solution would be to provide the Software ourselves, but this would put us in a new business that we don't want to get in to, especially as we would be competing with the ISV's that we would like to benefit from AMT. Instead we have been working hard to bridge the gap, getting ISV's on-board early and working closely with them to help them add AMT support to their products. The problem starts when the whole picture doesn't come together from ISV's. This was most evident with the need for Setup and Configuration. With out a Setup and Config. element to ISV app's they would not be able to turn on Intel AMT. Yet this was relatively complex and seems to have little added value in itself for ISV's. Thus we provide the Setup and Config Service that ISV's can easily integrate in to their application.

Is this the right mix? Not everybody agrees we should be providing the Setup and Config Service as a fully developed and supported offering. They believe we should leave this to ISV only be delivering sample code as we do in the SDK. Others say we should be doing more. My personal opinion is that we should be doing a little more. Actively seeking out the cracks that ISV's aren't likely to fill and build solid solutions to fill them ourselves.

Do you see gaps that you would like to see filled? Do you think this should fall to ISV's or to Intel?


Many years later and this is still somewhat an open topic.  AMT is widely deployed and in use.  The setup and config service (SCS) remains an Intel product other components come from the echo system. I think we made the right choices.  Do you?

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