Developer Contest: Win a Mac Book Pro in the Intel Threading Challenge

A little birdie brought me word of a new developer contest here on Intel Software Network - The Intel Threading Challenge!

Do you love a good puzzle? Here's your chance to show off your threading skills. Our experts have come up with problem sets on topics from a sudoku puzzle to dorm room assignments. Take the Intel® Threading Challenge for a chance to take home an Apple MacBook Pro*.

Go check it out! :-)

Update: Kevin Farnham posted a whole lot more detail on the contest.

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I want the newest Apple Macbook Pro. Wow. This is awesome. There's nothing wrong with trying on a contest.

I need one to get connected......I am living without many of the world's technologies and this is what I want to start building with.

i would lkek one for college and im on the road lot and owul likke one for synching my phone thanks for the chance i appreciate it!