What do you say in your first post? Just writing "F1rst p0st!!!" doesn't seem fit. Maybe I should introduce myself briefly to get this out of the way early.

My name is Roberto Selbach Teixeira, currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I graduated in computer science and I've been a software engineer or software engineering manager for a long time.

I am also a long-time Linux user. My first Linux installation was back in 1994. I've also been a Linux developer for a long time. I worked for two Linux distributions before joining Intel back in 2005.

I currently work for a small team named SMB Pro where I do Intel® AMT software enabling, meaning I help independent software vendors implement Intel® AMT features in their applications. I am a big fan of Intel® AMT and vPro™. I personally think these are some of the coolest technologies that came out of Intel for quite some time.

I've started a series on Intel® AMT development on my own personal blog. I will now replicate what I've already published there on Intel® AMT and continue the series here.

I've got a pretty informal way to communicate, so be ready for this.

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