Video of Clay Breshears, Intel Academic Community Courseware Architect

Many of you have probably been reading Clay Breshears' blog on Parallel Programming. We thought that you would be interested in learning more about Clay’s role within Intel and what he spends most of his time doing when he is not blogging on the Intel Software Network. During a recent conference we both sat down to discuss the Intel Academic Community and his contribution to parallel software education.

Clay explains that Intel offers courses directly to customers and they work with third party training companies to ensure that the global market can get the training it needs. The current focus of the Intel Academic Community is on Multi-Core and Threading introductory, intermediate and advanced level courses. They provide training on Windows Threads, POSIX Threads, OpenMP, Intel® Threading Building Blocks and the use of Intel Software Tools (Intel® Thread Checker, Intel® Thread Profiler, Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer, the Intel® Compilers).

A typical class would include both lecture with discussion followed by a hands on lab to apply the techniques discussed. Advanced classes include the use of Intel tools to address race conditions and dead locks. The language of choice for most classes is C and C++. Intel is currently offering introductory courses for Java as well. Intel has been extending the programs into universities and colleges through Intel’s Higher Education Program.

Software engineers' focus is on foundational skills but university professors are much more interested in the more advanced curriculum. They realize that scalability of software is the next big thing as the market goes from 2 to 4 to even more processors on a chip. The university programs are changing their curriculum to address the mainstream adoptions of multi-core systems.

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