Windows Server 2008 will RTM Next Week...

According to a Microsoft insider, Windows Server 2008 will RTM next week on February 6th, 2008. Margie Semilof, Senior News Director of, reports that all Windows Server 2008 SKU's will RTM next week aside from those that include Microsoft's new Hyper-V hypervisor virtualization technology.

Although it will likely be sometime before Windows Server 2008 becomes the ubiquitous version of Windows Server, developers and IT professionals will need some time to learn where this new version changes their environments and what can be done with those environments.

With Windows Server 2008 there are many new features that should interest developers and IT professionals. As a developer, Windows Activation Service (WAS) is one aspect of the server that will make it very useful in hosting WCF based services. For the IT professional, I would imagine the Windows Server Core feature that enables the operating system to be stripped down to its bare bones without any user interface support (think UNIX without an X-Windows shell), will provide performance gains in virtualized environments. Unfortunately though, Windows Server Core does not include the .NET Framework which, at this time, prohibits it from hosting SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008.

According to Keith Ward however, Windows Server Core does support IIS 7.0 which should make the virtualization of IT professionals managing web servers and web farms happy. That said though, with the limitation regarding .NET support within Windows Server Core, you will be unable to host ASP.NET content ... which is without a doubt a serious limitation.

It is also likely that Microsoft will release Windows Vista SP1 along side Windows Server 2008.

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