Do I have to change my coding habits for Intel AMT?

Hi There,

Recently I was dealing with a forum question and had interesting conversations with the the developer. I made a comment about coding habits when dealing with Intel AMT. With this blog, I am trying to reach out to other developers. I want to hear some of your experiences, what are the tricks you did to get around the problems and so on.

Some of the the things I have observed on the manageability forum are listed below:

  • Before issuing a remote control power state command, make sure to check the current power state

  • If your SOAP request is not accepted by AMT, try it couple times before giving up. This will probably work provided your SOAP request is well formed and all the authentication requirements are satisfied and the infrastructure configured properly.

So take this opportunity to discuss your experiences with Intel AMT and what you had to do in your software application to encompass those issues. As you know, all of your experiences can guide the new developer and make their life easier. :-)
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