Research@Intel Day - Go!

Aaron, Bhanu and RaviYesterday's Research @ Intel Day was a huge success. Lots of media participation, amazing demonstrations of the great research Intel is cooking up in the labs and a two very important guests.

The day started out with a key note presentation by Justin Rattner, Intel CTO and Fellow. He covered the highlights of what themes were addressed at the event. Green products and energy effecency were very hot topics along with Visual Computing and Tera-Scaling. The WhatIf team presented the verity of experimental projects available for free download and demonstrated three key projects of interest to Parallel Software Developers.

 What If PosterWe met with many interested press people including Jon Fortt from Fortune, Kevin Rockwell from CNN, Darold Massaro from PodTech, Ann Mutschler for EDN, Gote Fagerfjall from Swedish Press, Ben Flanagan from UAE Press, Elsa Wenzel from CNET and our very own Geek Blogger Josh Bancroft

Jim Dempsey, a frequent contributor to the Parallel Programming Forum, joined us for the event an seemed to enjoy all the innovations. It was great to to meet Jim for the first time and we all look forward to his continued high level of involvement in the Multi-Core community. 

Another guest that we were delighted to talk to was Paul Otellini, Intel CEO. Who stopped by our booth to discuss the WhatIf site with Bhanu and the current status of Software Transactional Memory with Ravi. The guys did an amazing job telling the story again and again to all our enthusiastic guests. 

It was a long day full of learning new things, sharing our ideas and connecting with all the bright people who do Research@Intel.   Read more about the event on Ken Kaplan's blog.

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