, Friendfeed, and New Bloggers

Last week I took some vacation and headed down to Southern California.  While I was relaxing, I found myself thinking about a few work issues.  Namely, the importance of margin (slack, downtime, etc.).  During my vacation, I spent the days reading, sleeping, and enjoying the company of family and friends.  This break from my daily routine helped me come back to work excited and ready to jump in and make a difference.  I wondered how many of us make sure we have sufficient margin in our lives?  Even simple things like allowing enough time in our day to drive from appt to appt sometimes get lost in our rush to schedule everything.

What are your secrets for maintaining margin?  How to you make sure you keep your priorities straight, stay healthy, and stay excited about your work?

On another subject, when I got back I noticed that we had a new blogger.  Maria Camila Gomez-silva, or Maca as her friends call her, started blogging about her experience with AMT.  She has a unique perspective as a developer from Columbia.  Her blog is worth taking a look at.

The other thing I noticed is that lots of people I know are starting to use Friendfeed.  I went ahead and took the plunge and signed up.  I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but would welcome your feedback on how best to take advantage of it.
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Josh Bancroft (Intel)'s picture

Welcome to FriendFeed, Bill. I've been working out the best way to take advantage of it (what tools to use, like Twhirl or Alert Thingy, and posting directly to FriendFeed vs posting somewhere else like Twitter, and letting it get sucked up in to FriendFeed). I'll do a writeup/share of what I find once I reach some conclusions. But FriendFeed is definitely cool, powerful, and IMHO, it's here to stay. Have fun with it! :-)

ajay-mungara (Intel)'s picture

I have been wanting to try FriendFeed for sometime now, looks like it is time to take the plunge.

Maria Camila Gomez-Silva's picture

Thanks for your welcome Bill! I hope to have the time to write again soon!